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Buy One Get Seven
New license buyers for 123 Flash Chat of any packages will get below for free in June!
Setup/Installation/Integration Service
28 Bunny Emotions
Custom Chat Installer (CCI) Service
One Logo Design
Red 5 Video Server Configuration Service
Facebook Chat App Customization Service
One $99 Module

$999 Discount
2014 World Cup is coming and so is your luck!
New buyers for 123 Flash Chat Unlimited Connections Ultimate package ( the $1499 one) will not only enjoy the seven free items above, but also a free upgrade with PPM/PPV support which used to cost $500! And, a delicately designed chat background with 2014 World Cup theme will be sent to you as a memorable souvenir!

$999 Discount
There is a 50% off discount for billing integration service and Custom iOS/Andriod Chat App .

123 Live Help Promo
You can get one monthly module for free on request by paying 3 months in a row.

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123 Flash Chat Software On Sale

123 Flash Chat Lead, Other’s Follow!

Chat, it’s kind of social culture. Chat software, just emerge at the right monument. Over 10 years experiences, 123 Flash Chat has become the leading chat software of the industry. It’s the choice made by over 400,000 websites, and the number is still growing.

You may ask “Why 123 Flash Chat Software can lead, and others strive to be the follower?”

Feature of 123 Flash Chat Software
Over 10 years development, 123 Flash Chat software has already create a chat software which have almost all features a chat room should have, even through we are still devote to develop new features. Facts are more eloquent than words. If you are searching the most popular chat room on the internet, you will find 12allchat, Chat avenue, Chat Arab, etc. So, what kind of features can attract attention of so many users?

The most popular feature definitely belongs to video chat. 123 Flash Chat video chat script is stable and flexible with HD video quality, it got the real sense of communication by “face to face”, but not just by “text and image”.
Video Chat Script

HTML chat make the chat can be working on multi-platform; Mobile chat app make the chat owner can build their own chat app, to promote their own chat room.
HTML chat

The administrator panel make it easy to manager the chat room even for those webmasters without technical backgrounds. The new feature of IP range ban and clear all user’s screen are better for keeping chat order.Your can check more amazing features from here.
IP Range Ban

Compatibility of 123 Flash Chat Software
123 Flash Chat can integrate into almost all popular 3rd party. We have develop all popular CMSes module, it can be fully compatible with the website, whatever community or blog. Such as Joomla chat, vBulletin chat, PHP chat, PHPfox chat,Durpal chat, WordPress Chat, sKadate chat,etc. No matter what kind of site type, 123 Flash Chat can be a part of your site.

Customer Service of 123 Flash Chat Software
123 Flash Chat can do free integration for new license buyer and yearly host buyer. So, regardless of you are a technical guy or a person don’t have any technical backgrounds. We can save all your efforts. We can embeded chat into your website, and the chat room can be a part of your website, but not burdensome of your site.
Besides, we provide customer 7*24 hours online service, you can contact us whenever you want.

Price of 123 Flash Chat Software
123 Flash Chat provider totally free host chat to create your free chat room with your friends.
123 Flash provide 30 days free trial for customer, if you don’t know 123 Flash Chat very well. 30 days is enough for you to learn us.
123 Flash Chat provide 30 days free video trial for text host buyer. If you are not sure the video chat quality, you can apply for trial, then decide if you need.
123 Flash Chat officially hosted chat script started by $20; 123 Web Messenger and 123 Live Help even started by $19.
123 Flash Chat Special Offer!

If you need a chat room for your website, 123 Flash Chat must be your choice! Over 10 years’ experience, based on 10 years’ development, will provide you the most specialize chat software.

we lead, others follow!

Video Solution for Organization

Video chat and video conference, as an information dissemination medium, has been being necessary in global today. It has been widely use in all kinds of industry and organizations. E-commerce, education, and entertainment, even government and profession service organization, etc.
123 Flash Chat software provide all kinds of video conference solutions, at a price you can afford and with the ease of use you require. From small and medium-sized company to the largest enterprises, we can give your best video chat solutions to build up your business, serve your customers, and promote your product everywhere!

Video Chat for Education — Long Distance Learning for Long-term Benefits
The goal of education is to create the best opportunities for learning for as many people as possible.
And where School is to initiate knowledge, not just a place. Video chat solutions for education, from 123 Flash Chat software, can bring the world to your classroom more simply and cost-effectively than you can imagine. That’s why more and more schools and university are investing in video chat and video conference, because it’s a win-win way for teachers and students.
“This is the type of technology that will drive the future of education.”
audio video for education

Video Chat for E-commerce – Delight your customer, Build up Your business
E-commerce website has been spread everywhere on the internet, but does anyone considerate that What happens when we all meet more effectively in those ecommerce site?
If you are hold an ecommerce business website, 123 Flash Chat video chat script can use to product demonstrations, customer assistance and high-end consultations, etc. To make your business easy and effective.
You can hold products up to the camera to give the buyer intuitive experience. And the sales also can show tips for products usage. For high-end product may require serious consideration, put a face on progress, one on one and face to face private consultations can make the customer trust you more. Thus, the customer can make decision easy and place the order. To buy or not to buy will not a question anymore.
video soution for ecommerce

Video Conference for Entertainment — Enjoy Live Show From Anywhere, Anytime and Any Device
Are you willing to watch the World Cup of 2014 in Brazil ? But the truth is — you need to stay in California to do your job. Also you can’t afford the money to be there. With video conference solution, from 123 Flash Chat, you can realize your wish. You can view all live show from anywhere, anytime, and on any device, with high quality.
We also provide PPV video conference. The webmaster can create the video conference live show to earn money directly, by pay per view or pay per minute. If you are talented, you even can put video conference for yourself to gain benefits. Of course, your friends also can be invited.
video conference solution for entertainment

We invite you to explore how 123 Flash Chat will help you optimize your website and business. Please feel free to contact sales@topcmm.com or support@topcmm.com .

Add a Chat to Your Website in 3 Easy Steps|Adding a Free, Super and Fast Chat

Are you going to embed a chat software into your site or blog? A great chat server software will attract more visitors to view your blog or site and share their opinions in the chat.

123 Flash Chat is a software which can be easily integrated into blog and site, it is the leading chat software since 2003. Embedding the chat into blog can be as easy as 1-2-3, three steps, that’s all. The video/audio function is also available, a perfect video chat script. 123 Flash Chat can be seamlessly embedded into almost all CMSes sites or blogs. Here’s how:

First, create a chat room from panel
Open the free chat page, you will see a panel where allow you change some settings for the chatroom. Enter one name for your chat, and set the size of the chat, choose a skin from drop-down menu. Fill out the form, click update.
Free Chat

Second, get the chat code and link
On the current page, you will get a new code and a direct chat link after the update. You can use the chat link and share it to your friends directly if you don’t have a site.

Third, copy and paste the chat codes to your website
Login the admin panel of your blog or site, create a new post or article, copy and paste the chat code there, submit the post or article. That’s it! You should now have a fully-functional chat room for your site!

Add one 123 Flash Chat to your website is really easy. Please note the chat codes from the generator is auto switched to HTML type. Here is what it should look like:

Enjoy the chat!

Choose a perfect chat script for your site.

How to improve the member’s loyalty for community sites? A easy way is to add a chat script into site, let the users can chat with others and stay longer on site.

There are millions of chat scripts in the sites, how to choose a chat software which meet your site’s situation? You can choose a chat server software base on your site’s CMS, user’s type and so on.

123 Flash Chat offer different packages and types for customers, the high quality video available in this software. You can customize this software and make it meet your site’s environment.

123 Flash Chat always lead the trend of chat server software. Really a best chat software and best company.


The 50 Connections License is Coming Back!!!

Hi Everyone,

Big News! 123 Flash Chat plans to restore the 50 connections package, now your can buy this level package from site directly.

Do you still worry about the 100 connections license is too many connections and over your budget? Now you can take the lower package and no trouble free. We still offer free installation and integration service for you. The modules in each level same with 100 connections or unlimited connections.

Thanks and do not miss the chance.