123 Flash Chat has released new chat module which can compatible with WordPress 3.9 !

Hi Everyone,

WordPress has released the latest version 3.9 and 123 Flash Chat, as it always does, updates the login_chat.php file immediately.

Now 123 Flash Chat newest WordPress chat module will be able to full compatible with the latest v3.9 WordPress.

Do not hesitate to upgrade your WordPress to 3.9 and feel free to try the new chat module.

More details for this module, please check here.


Make Your Chat to be NO. 1 Profitable Chat During 2014 World Cup!

2014 World Cup now became white-hot. How to catch the good chance to promote your chat and earn much money? 123 Flash Chat will help you to make your chat to be NO.1 profitable chat during this big event. Today I will introduce three useful methods which can improve the popularity of your chat.

First one, increase the credits for virtual gift “Football” in chatroom. The World Cup is a big event that held every four years. Millions of fans will watch the match and share the opinions with friends on many social communities. You can promote this gift till the end of the season.

Virtual Gift

Second method, enable the chat room to be assignable mode, focus on video chat, during the match, the user who can buy a limited credits or send fixed amount of gifts, will able to publish his/her video. They can debate which team will win when their cameras are on. The admin also can send gift or increase a little credits to the one who guess right. This will make the atmosphere in the chat lively and excellent. The owner will get more benefit during this as well.

assignable room

Third method,promote the chat with Cam Show this mode. Cam Show is come with PPV Software, you can enable it under PPV software and mode. Set the chat with Pay Per Minute or Pay Per View mode, then the users enter the chat will need consume credits. The media player can be added the match video or the celebrities about World Cup. Admin can hire a young girl or a fan of football to live broadcasting the match.

Cam Show

Three ways will promote your chat to be the only profitable chat during 2014 World Cup. Seize this good opportunity!!!

123 Flash Chat–Best Chat Server Software

123 Flash Chat leads the trend of chat since 2003, more and more new and popular features are added into standard package. 123 Flash Chat is committed to making the most creative chat software and be the NO. 1 best chat server software provider. The one who can stand as a real user will able to develop the best chat software. Why choose 123 Flash Chat, here are the reasons.

Exquisite UI

Simplified and neat UI is what 123 Flash Chat has been focusing on and promoting. In the new version of 123 Flash Chat,the user interface has been totally improved. There are total sixteen skins available for customer. Admin will able to change the color and skin to compatible the site’s theme. HTML5 client is more customizable.
Chat Skin

Best Video Quality
What is the keypoint for the chat software on dating sites or social sites? Video’s quality obvious is the most important aspect. There are millions of social dating sites throughout the world, each chat owner want more and more users can stay longer on his site. A perfect video chat software with high quality will help the owner to attract more users and improve their loyalty.
Perfect Video Chat

Cross platforms

The speed of development for science and technology is fast. It was computer’s age ten years ago, but now the mobile’s times is coming.There are billions of mobile users. Many users want to connect with the chat and share opinions with friends easily in anytime. 123 Flash Chat released Mobile Apps make this possible, chat users can enter chat with different platforms.
Mobile Chat

Best Chat Solution
Add a perfect video chat software to your website is really important and necessary. 123 Flash Chat will offer this best chat solution for you, no need worry about the integration and technical issues, professional support team stand behind it. Watch video here.

Join in 123 Flash Chat! Enjoy The World Cup!

Are You Ready For The 2014 World Cup?
The World Cup is one of the most popular sports event of the world. Are you ready for the coming 2014 World Cup? 123 Flash Chat Software, the same as the fans of the World Cup, invite you to get the welfare we bring to you – Buy One Get Seven!

As the webmaster, have you ever think about what the World Cup Can bring to your website? Your community? Your blog? Maybe, the traffic comes with the event for your website is greater than your efforts by the past few months, even more. So, take the chance, you can got benefit more than you can imagined.

What 123 Flash Chat Bring to You? – Buy one Get Seven
To provide what a football fan in need is a football fan indeed! 123 Flash Chat Software provides all new license buyers with an exquisite design of chat background during the 2014 World Cup! And new license buyers for 123 Flash Chat of any packages will get below for free in June!

FREE Setup/Installation/Integration Service

123 Flash Chat provide one package service for the license buyer, including setup, installation, and integration. We can save all your effort!
You don’t need to worry if you are a technical guy without any technical background. Because 123 Flash Chat professional support can handle for you, and all process will be less than one hour.
You also don’t need to worry lose your website user database. Because 123 Flash Chat can do chat integration for you freely, all of the website users’ info can be transferred into the chat when the chat connects to the website database. The integration includes login account, password, avatar, location, gender and user profile page, etc. The registered user can log in the chat room automatically after it is done.

And almost all popular CMSes module are available. Joomla Chat module, Vbulletin Chat module, PHP Chat module, PHPfox Chat module, Drupal Chat module, WordPress Chat module, sKadate Chat module, etc. So, it is definitely trouble free!

FREE Custom Chat Installer (CCI) Service

123 Flash Chat provide FREE CCI service during this special time, which usually will cost extra $100.
CCI customization makes it easy to integrate these users into your chat with other users. Also enables you to brand you chat room with the unique visual identity of your company or website, ensuring that users always know they’re in your chat room.

FREE Red 5 Video Server Configuration Service

Red 5 Video Server Configuration Service is also freely During the World Cup. Save $100 for you!
Red5 is an open source Flash server written in Java. Red5 is only recommended for testing 123FlashChat video chat module. When fully functional video chatis needed in production environment, especially when the concurrent users are over 400, you’d better purchase Flash media server from Adobe with snappier performance instead.
Check details from here.

FREE Facebook Chat App Customization Service

Facebook chat, the best platform to promote your chat. 123 Flash Chat can help you to customize a Facebook App, so that your chat will be available in Facebook users search results. After that the Facebook user can enter the chat room directly.
facebook chat

FREE One Logo Design
123 Flash Chat can design chat logo for you if you don’t have before. we can design your chat logo combine with the World Cup and your website. To build your chat branding, attract more user, boost traffic!

FREE One $99 Module
After all those free service we do for you, 123 Flash Chat also provide an extra $99 module freely which is not including in the package. Choose the free module from here

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123 Flash Chat provide you 28 Bunny Emotions, which is not offer for sale on the website. You can contact sales@topcmm.com or support@topcmm.com to get this special offer.

Join in 123 Flash Chat! Enjoy the World Cup!

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2014 World Cup is coming and so is your luck!
New buyers for 123 Flash Chat Unlimited Connections Ultimate package ( the $1499 one) will not only enjoy the seven free items above, but also a free upgrade with PPM/PPV support which used to cost $500! And, a delicately designed chat background with 2014 World Cup theme will be sent to you as a memorable souvenir!

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