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on sale

Vldpersonals Integration, 123 Flashchat’s Weekly Successfully Integration Case

Does Vldpersonals sound familiar to you as a website structure? Well, maybe not; But that does not matter. What matters is that 123 Flash Chat is totally compatible with it and, we can do this for you freely as a license buyer; You can save all the efforts.

Still quite vague about what is this about or what we can do for you? Why not check this example, which was just done last week, still quite hot!

Click here to check the whole UI.

Database Integration
1. Login the site with testing account (paid/paid).

2. You will see the Livechat button on the top bar and the chat link is available with full screen or normal screen mode.

3. Try to login the chat room with either mode and you will be able to enter the chat automatically without signing in again.

Profile Integration
User’s Profile can be transferred to the chat room as well if requested including nickname, gendre, age and location, etc.

Avatar Integration
Users’ avatar can be integrated to the chat room if requested and it will be set as the default avatar.

Access Integration
How further we can go? Ok if you have certain levels of members available on your website and just want to authorize one or some of them to be able to enter the chat, it is applicable with our integration.

All work will be done by us, you just need to be our customer and provide us some necessary credentials; Want to add a similar chat to your own site? Or need the integration service like this? Don’t hesitate to email us to about your request.

123 PPV Software Chat has Released!

As a family product of 123 Flash Chat, 123 PPV Software Chat has been came into being with the new fantastic features! You can start your business from here by sell videos online or provide PPV service now!

Publish live show to charge from viewers!
The live show can be live or HD live, the performer can choose the webcame and microphone to publish video, and even offline video/image/MP3 can work. The viewers can choose pay-per-view or pay-per-minute to view the live show. And the performer can get credits from both of them.
PPV Software Chat,123flashchat

New features to make viewers consume credits!
In 123 PPV Software Chat, new fantastic features has been developed, such as gift system, membership levels, achievement level, etc.
The gift rotating panel can be a marquee message to remind the performer that someone sent him gift successfully.
Admin can define the membership levels of paying users by his own names, name styles, required credits to upgrade and privileges. Admin also can define achievement level for both performers and viewers. Each level has a special icon and name to show the commission credits (performer) or the consumptive power (viewer). More popular the performer is, more credits he or she will get. More credits the viewer consume, more shows he or she can enjoy.
PPV Software Chat

Chat plugins in 123 PPV Software make the chat more attractive, such as marque messages, bid sofa, games, etc.
PPV Software Chat

Social connection make 123 PPV Software can login almost everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google or Windows Live Messenger.
PPV Software Chat

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Userplane Alternative, Userplane Substitude Chat Software, 123 Flashchat

Userplane Alternative, Userplane Substitude Chat Software, 123 Flashchat

We regret to hear that Userplane is shutting down and we would like to help you to sustain your business with a qualified product as the alternative;

123 Flashchat, as a leading chat software, never stops rennovation and updating to be more appealing and competitive; Comparing with Userplane, 123 Flashchat can be more than enough as an alternative to suit your business and boost your website traffic;

If you are using Userplane’s WebChat, or your are using Userplane’s one to one chat, you will find your suitable solutions available here with 123 flashchat as the alternative;

As a social webcam supported chat software, video chat cannot be more crucial; Well comparing with most of the chat software like Userplane that supports video, 123 Flashchat boasts highest quality of video which can be live or HD live; Both flash client and HTML5 client will support video; check demo here

PPM/PPV is supported as well; You can start your own online business with 123 flashchat by selling videos online and providing PPM/PPV service

Video Chat

Mobile application can be another key feature that rocks; 123 FlashChat supports iphone, ipad and android devices; Neat UI, fabulous performance, it will make your chat vivid and fun.

mobile chat

The software can be integrated with any kind of website structures, as in joomla, skadate, phpfox, datingpro, etc. be it standard or self-made; It can 100% integrated so that single sign on can be guaranteed; Free 3rd party integration module available to be downloaded here

So, no matter you have been with Userplane for many years and trying to find an alternative chat, or you are starting from scratch, 123 Flashchat can be your best choice with qualified product and decent customer service; Try it now and become a member of us. And right now as previous Userplane subscribers, you will have the privilege to ask for a free trial that is with full features and all technical support

See more info about 123 Flash Chat here

123 FlashChat V9.9, HTML5 Client gets polished!

123 Flashchat never stops his steps to be more consummate; Here we go with the release of V9.9, the HTML5 chat client is getting more advanced!

Have a quick review of the demo here

So what is new in this edition?

Firstly, by introducing 123 FLashChat’s family product, 123 PPV Software, the PPM/PPV feature will be upgraded and the chat owner will be able to start his own online business by selling videos now! The video can be live or HD live with extremely good qulity and it loads super fast!

Video quality

Secondly, 123 Flash Chat has added Video Conference to the HTML client, and the video screen is placed at the left side (instead of the upper side in the Flash client).

Thirdly, more powerful administration has been done with the newly developed HTML5 chat client; Admins will be able to define the membership levels of the paying users by his own: names, name styles, required credits to upgrade, and privileges, etc. and admins can define Achievement Level either for the chat users or for the performers as well;

And moderaters are able to ban users in his room now! The Ban Per Room feature has finally hit the ground and admins and moderaters can ban users for a specifc room only; For HTML5 Client, moderators can be temporary which means you can set temporary moderators or permanent moderators for a room now; and temporary moderator will lose power once leaving a room.

Last but not least, more plugins are available now for the HTML5 Chat Client: marquee messages, bid sofa, Facebook fan, Facebook like, Twitter, games, YouTube. Admin can enable or disable these plugins freely.


The HTML5 Chat client is ameliorated in V9.8 with more features focusing on social connections and PPM/PPV features; You will find it more user friendly, powerful and fun;

Check Demo here

V9.8 Highlights

Social connections have been fully brought in for the HTML5 client now; Users will be entilted to login the chat via thier facebook, yahoo, twitter, MSN and google accounts once it is enabled; At the same time, users will be able to invite their friends on facebook, yahoo, etc to join in the room which can boost your chat traffic for sure! What is more fascinating is that users can communicate with facebook chat directly! It is absolutely amazing for a chat room service to be able to be socialized.

PPM/PPV together with the whole credit service is available now for the HTML5 client. Users can earn credits in the room and with the credits, they can send virtual gift, upgrade membership and enter a PPM/PPV room

credit service

Users can enter multiple rooms now as well with the HTML5 client

Multiple Room

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123 Flash Chat 9.7 HTML5 Client Works Beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and PCs

Although Flash currently is the standard, there is no doubt that HTML5 at some point will overtake it in the near future, when the majority of browsers no longer have flash installed.
123 Flash Chat keeps up on the trends and just announced an exciting launch of a HTML5 chat client.

The blazing speed of the new HTML5 chat client will make you fall in love with it instantly, it’s up to twice as quickly as before. (It’s faster than 123 Flash Chat 9.x and even faster than 7.8!)
But the real kicker is it works beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android devices and PCs at the same time, which means the same URL applies for both PC-based and mobile-phone-based web sites and both groups of users can get the layout and content that best fit their devices. It’s all automatically! The ability to work cross devices is revolutionary and the powerful features are impressive.

The online demo

More details can be found here:

Meebo alternative chat, Meebo Replacement Chat Solution: 123FlashChat!

In the modern world, more and more people touched the Chat software as the needs for entertainment and work increased day by day. The Meebo replacement flash chat software —–123Flash Chat software appears. Why to choose 123Flash Chat software?

123flash chat

According to the latest news stated that the Google Inc. acquired Meebo as a companion to Google plus in June 2012. Maybe it is not very good for the users who enjoys chat online. 123Flash Chat software seizes the chance ,which owns seven years history. Now, it is the stage for 123Flash Chat software and fully presents its perfect functions.

Indeed, 123Flash Chat software always pursuing the superior quality and excellent service for its customers.

Step by step, the 123Flash Chat was widely acknowledged by the huge market and its customers.

123FlashChat is proud of its integration technology. Almost all popular CMSes can be integrated including Joomla, vBulletin, Skadate, phpBB, etc. and single sign-on will be enabled. As a matter of fact, nearly one month, 123Flash Chat software released its mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

mobile chat app

The level of the administrative options of 123Flash Chat make it easy to manage the chat room even for those webmasters without technical backgrounds.

With its powerful java chat server, using the social connect function enables users to login with their Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo and Google accounts, then it’s easier to join the chat.

facebook.twitter profile


So, 123 Flash Chat maybe,to some extent, it is a good choice for the pals online. The powerful meebo alternative chat software—-123Flash chat will rocks the world!