Three Ways to Earn Free Credits in 123 Flash Chat

Three Ways to Earn Free Credits in 123 Flash Chat
When chatting in a 123 Flash Chat room, chances are you want virtual credits, which can help you to watch a Pay Per Minute video, send virtual gifts, or upgrade memberships, etc.

When it comes to earning free credits, there are currently three different types of methods: Account registration, Being online or Clicking ads.

First Way: Account Registration.
A user can get a certain amount of credits upon his/her initial registration. After registration and logging into the chat room, the bonus credits will be added to user’s account automatically, and the amount is defined by the admin.

Second Way: Being Available.
Once a user is available online (instead of being busy or idle) for more than one minute, he/she will earn a certain amount of credits per minute. The bonus credits will be sent to the user’s account automatically.

Third Way: Clicking Ads.
Users may earn credits by clicking ads, watching video, completing questionnaire and so on (offered by the third-party partners). Even guest can earn credits in this way!

It really adds to the chat experience when you have the credits to buy all the coolest stuff in a 123 Flash Chat room. And it’s even better knowing you can get those credits for free!

So which way your users prefer to get the free credits? Let us know by voting!