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Make Money with 123 Flash Chat 9.1 Now!

The beta testing of the upcoming 123 Flash Chat 9.1 is well underway. The super-cool new features mostly deal with allowing chat owners to be better able to make money from the chat, including Pay Per Minute Video Chat and virtual gifts, etc. and they are based on a virtual currency system. Feel free to join us in the Demo to have a try!

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9.1 New Features Highlight

Pay Per Minute Video Chat Software Screenshot

Pay Per Minute Video Chat

Pay Per Minute video chat will boost profit either to the video broadcasters or to the chat owner. It allows member to broadcast live shows incorporating video, audio and chat which can either be free or pay per minute at a rate you decide on a per host basis.

Pay Per Minute Room

Pay Per Minute Room turns your chat room to be a very profitable business, ie., members need to pay per minute or per time to be in a chat room.

Pay Per Minute Chat Software Screenshot

Virtual Gift System

With the Virtual Gift System, members can send fun animationsto other users of a chat room or friends on their Friend list. It’s also a great way for chat owner to generate revenue.

 Virtual Gifts in 123 Flash Chat Screenshot

Virtual Currency System

PPM and virtual gift are both based on a virtual currency system. Credits can be bought through the virtual currency service provider (BCC), a subsidiary website of 123 Flash Chat, and chat owner will get most of the profit.

Virtual Currency System

Private Chat Window Improved

1. It can dock to tab just next to the room tabs.
2. Profiles of the two involved users are added, including their avatars, and the user interaction buttons like send file, send gift, etc.
3. Private videos can dock to the PM window too.

Private Chat Screenshot, 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software, Video Chat
Private Video Chat Windows of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software, Video Chat

Added New Message Alert on Tab

Whether public or private chat windows, as long as it is not on the top layer, it will display the number of new messages on its tab.

 New Message Alert of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software, Video Chat

Avatar Size Control in User List

Avatar size becomes changeable in the user list.

 Avatar Size Control in 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software, Video Chat

Register/Sign-in Panel

The register panel is expanded to a register/sign-in panel.

/Register Panel of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software, Video Chat

Synchronizing Username and
Message Colors

The color of the username can synchronize with that of his/her message.

Admin can set this for all users, and each user can set it in the option panel too.

Synchronized Username and Message Color of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software, Video Chat
Neat Video Window of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software, Video Chat

Neater UI of the Video Window

The toolbar on video window becomes visible only on mouse-over .
And the dispensable buttons at the right side of one’s own video are removed:
video control, voice control, video special effects and stop button.

Block Video Viewing Request in 123 Flash Chat

Block Private Video Viewing Request

Block a private video viewing request once for all.