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TOPCMM just released Dolphin chat module 2.0.

The new release features in more control over the chat room via dolphin control panel,
such as how to add the chat to dolphin, the open mode, choose skin, define size, choose server mode, etc.
The best part is that once the module is successfully installed, a free hosted chat room will be assigned to your dolphin.


Chat Features:



For Dolphin version v 7.0

For Dolphin version v 6.x

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123FlashChat 8.0.1 released!

New Changes

Blazing Speed

The loading speed of the chat room is now significantly faster than 8.0.

Video Chat Optimization

1. Video windows limit count is corrected.
2. Even without soundcard drive, users can still publish and view video now, they just can’t talk and hear others.
3. Video is now compatible with the low version of the video servers like Wowza, Flash Media Server and Red5.
4. Video audience can be fully displayed now.

Admin Function Optimization

1. The private chat setting won’t apply to the admin and the moderator, i.e., even when it’s disabled, the admin and the moderator can still private chat.
2. The admin can now view other’s video even when he/she is on invisible status.
3. The admin and the moderator are no longer obliged to the rule “disconnect if idle for a certain length of time”.
4. The guest and the regular member can no longer private chat with the speaker (speaker is a key role in moderated chat mode).

Chat Options Optimization

1. Auto-play sound setting now works fine.
2. Smiley pictures now all display correctly.
3. Press enter to send message now works 100%
4. change skin now works fine.

User Relative Optimization

1. No more ghost user in the chat room, i.e., when user is auto-kicked out of the room after being idle for a certain length of time, he/she will not be in the room and the other users won’t be able to see his/her username any longer.
2. Unmute works fine even when the user changed nickname.

Other Bugs are Fixed

1. Youtube media player is improved.
2. External loaded avatars can now display correctly.

Please Upgrade!

8.0 users are highly recommended to upgrade to 8.0.1,
The license users please write to to request upgrade instructions and online assistance.
The host users simply send email to to request upgrade and we’ll handle it for you.

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123 Live Help Chat v5.3 released!

123 Live Help 5.3 Features Highlight

123LiveHelp 5.3 features in file transfer and image transfer functions and user experience optimization.

123 Live Help Live Demo 123 Live Help Free Download 123 Live Help Free Hosting

File Transfer

File transfer function is added to the customer and operator/admin clients, so that the visitor and the customer support/service staff members can share documents, user manual, etc. It will benefit sales and support by making communication more effective. (Don’t forget to scan the transferred file with an anti-virus application first.)

Interesting Smilies

Smilies are added to the customer and operator/admin clients, which improves communication by making it more personal and more expressive.

Better Login Panel

In the operator/admin client, the particular login name and the associated password and so on can now be cleared one by one easily. Auto-login function is also improved, so that username and password can be saved for future login without showing the login panel any more.

Remote Controller

Operator/admin may remote control live chat room, by Windows Live Messenger, after easy setting.

Image transfer

A picture is worth a thousand words. Image transfer function is added to the customer and operator/admin clients, so that the visitors and the operators can share pictures, screenshots with each other.

Low Rating Notifer

Admin will get email notification if the rating is lower than a specified level, e.g. lower than 3 points. It’s effective to manage the staff team and ensure the service level.

Auto Greetings

Auto-greeting message setting is added: operator may define greeting message in the operator client and make it personal.login without showing the login panel any more.

Optimized User Experience

Timestamp is added to admin/operator and customer clients. New coming messages are highlighted. Chat logs sent by email are optimized in format; The online operator are made top in the admin panel; More search criterion (operator name, rating) is added when searching chat logs, and so on.

Improved Toolbar

In the operator/admin panel, the buttons of the toolbar can be locked/unlocked, enabled/disabled, including operator buttons, login buttons and chat buttons.

Video Request Control

Customer panel can’t request video chat unless it’s enabled by admin in the admin panel.

Font Style

Added font style to the customer client, including font size, type, bold, italic, underline and color.

More New Features

  • Synchronized the directory structure with the family software: 123flashchat and 123webmessenger.
  • Added auto-upgrade functionto server.xml and language file, so that upgrade becomes easier.
  • Improved error log: More types of error will be captured in the error log for future reference, and fixed the bug of connection lost after error message:”connect to server failure”.
  • Added program to Windows startup: In the operator/admin client, you can configure it to start with Windows.
  • Improved predefined-message panel: It’s more convenient to add, edit, rename and batch delete messages now. And the update will reflect in the chat window promptly, no refresh is needed.
  • Added language auto-upgrade: The language packages will be automatically updated during software upgrade.
  • Improved web-based invitation: The invitation words that the operator sends to the customer can now be defined in the language XML simply, and it no longer needs to edit JS code.
  • Associated status: all the statuses in the chat panel can now reflect in the visitor monitor panel. eg., customer(tom) is chatting, then you can see visitor(tom) is chatting in the visitor monitor panel.
  • Fixed bugs.

123 Live Help Live Demo 123 Live Help Free Download 123 Live Help Free Hosting

The return customers may request upgrade here.

PhpFox Chat Module 2.0 of TOPCMM is Avilable!

According to phpFox control panel, new released features of PhpFox Chat Module 2.0 provide a more control over the chat room, such as how to add the chat room to phpFox, the open mode, select skin, set size, choose server mode and etc.

With the module installed, a free hosted chat room will be assigned to your phpFox.


phpFox version v 2.0:

Chat Features:

Tour to Yandang Mountain, Celebrating TOPCMM 7-Year-Old Birthday!

September 11, 2010

By topcmm staff

Celebrating TOPCMM 7-Year-Old Birthday and 123 Flash Chat 8.0 publishment, all the staff and their families spent a great time in Yandang Mountain last weekend.

Yandang Mountain is famous for its peaks, screen-like peaks, caves and waterfalls, and is a mountainous natural resort on seaside.

In the two days, we were fully embedding with the huge mountain and the natural landscape.

The towering peaks and rugged rocks embraced all of us. There were some famous waterfalls in the mountain.

After we came to the Dalong Qiu Waterfall, all of us were deeply shocked by the roaring down waterfall with dripping to the bottom of the mountain both to the people below, and it was really cool just like a shower in the sun. To our surprise, the amazing rainbows appeared on the the surface of the water.

Then we had an exciting entertainment-drift. Two of us a team rowed a boat to the destination. The water was sometimes gentle and some times swift. Many of us were stuck in the big stone underwater, some jumped into the water and pushed the boat out. We helped each other out and finally got to the destination. Of course, we all got wet and exhausted.

At last, Folk Acrobatics on Spiritual Crag were performed at a height of more than 260 meters along a 256-meter-long tightrope between two peaks. We all felt excited to watch the performance and admired the skillful acrobat. It was meaningful to have this journey-we were more united.

Blessing TopCMM Software Corp. a prosperous future.

TOPCMM released a bug-fix version for 8.0!

Date: Sep 3, 2010

we released a bug-fix version for 8.0.

1) admin and moderator privileges are recovered, so that they can still private chat even when it’s disabled for regular users, and they will no longer to auto-kicked out when they’re idle.
2) The error in publishing video with Wowza server is fixed.
3) Loaded external avatars in chat window are now fixed.

Download 8.0 build 0903

You can uninstall the old 8.0 and install a brand new one.

Download Now

Download 8.0 Patch

You’re highly recommended to download a patch, then update to the latest 8.0 easily, without bothering to uninstall and reinstall.
Note: the customized version can’t patch this way. Please contact our support team instead.

Download Now

How to patch 8.0?

1. Download patch and uncompress it.
2. Copy new “client” folder to replace the old one, some files and folders will be updated.

September Special Offer

Special Offer for the Social Network Software Package

To purchase the whole Social Network chat software package (including 123 Flash Chat and 123 Web Messenger basic or video license, unlimited users license) will get 20% discount. Here you will find the discounted prices listed in a chart. (You may also purchase one product separately of course.)

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Icons Legend

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  • About 123 Flash Chat, feature comparison details of the 3 levels (standard, premium and ultimate) can be found here.
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  • About 123 Web Messenger, only the basic or video level is available in this package, if you need ultimate level which has a desktop EXE, contact sales to aquire new quote and purchase link.
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