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iPhone Chat by 123 Flash Chat

Another group chat software is available for iPhone users, 123 Flash Chat just unveils its iPhone chat client in 7.2.

Says CTO Kevin Wan, “The iPhone chat gets users connected on the go, whenever, wherever and users may chat on whatever topic. It’s cross-platform and it works well on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and android phone, and of course on computers, too.”

Then how can a website offer a chat room to iPhone users? That’s easy. Step 1, webmaster install 123 Flash Chat server and insert the HTML/Ajax chat client to some specific webpages. Then users visit those webpages on iPhone and start chatting! All they need is just internet access, even no flash player is required.

Written in HTML/Ajax, iPhone chat client supports most of the key features of the main flash chat client of 123 Flash Chat software. For example, the chat lobby and the private chat windows are all managed by tabs, and a chat room list is available. There will be a login panel with genders to choose, chat users can change chat skin on the fly, and smilies, avatars will be available. Also, the chat screen can be resized with ease, offensive users may be kicked out and banned, hyperlinks in the chat conversation are clickable. The highlight of the chat client is that IM invitation, the chat users can invite their friends on some other IM network to the chat room, such as MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger, gTalk, Hotmail, Twitter, etc.

iPhone chat is also popular among the chat owners, because they can monitor their chat rooms more conveniently and efficiently with iPhone client. Quoted a webmaster, “The iPhone client can communicate smoothly with the flash client of 123 Flash Chat, and the best point is that it’s free, so why not make the most of it?”

Live Demo:

The long awaited 8.0 of 123 Flash Chat is finally ready to shine!

After several months of hard work, TOPCMM announce that 123 Flash Chat v8.0. This is another milestone in 123FlashChat development to bring you stability, security and ease of use.

New features include: a brand new engine rewritten by the latest Flex technologies, faster loading speed and response time, lower traffic consumption. Better user experience will be delivered by multiple-room chat, dynamic skin change, a variety of themes for the chat bubble, a flexible layout (the user list can be placed at right or at left) and various of sorting order for the user list, friend list and room list. What’s more, user and room search are added.

The video chat is improved in three ways: the position, 4 built-in video dock ways and pop-up mode, the connection, it will be resumed automatically once got cut off due to network problems or video server restarting, and the publish setting, the video and audio can be separately controlled and a hand-free mode is added.

Additionally, the license and modules are re-packed to 3 levels, (standard, premium and ultimate,) to fit websites of all sizes and with different goals, all products on significant special offers now! Among them, the video chat module is discounted to $299, with an extra whiteboard module as free gift.

More details and a video introduction can be found here: