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123 Flash Chat embraces iPad!

Another chat software is available for iPad users, 123 Flash Chat just unveils its iPad chat client in 7.8.

Says CTO Kevin Wan, “The chat users can then stay in touch with their friends anytime anywhere, as long as there is WIFI or 3G network available, since iPad is small, slim and lightweight. Meanwhile, with the large screen and HD resolution of the pioneering device, the chat users get better user experience.”

Then how does a website can offer a chat room for the iPad users? That’s easy. Step 1, webmaster install 123 Flash Chat server and insert the HTML/Ajax chat client to specific webpages. Step 2, iPad Users visit those webpages to chat, all they need is just internet access, and no flash player is required.

Though written in HTML/Ajax, iPad chat client supports most of the key features of the main flash chat client of 123 Flash Chat software. For example, the chat lobby and the private chat windows are all managed by tabs, and a chat room list is available. There will be a login panel with genders to choose, chat users can change chat skin on the fly, and of course smilies. Also, the chat screen can be resized with ease. The highlight of the chat client is that IM invitation is available, the chat users can invite their friends on some other IM network to the chat room, such as MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger, gTalk, Hotmail, Twitter, etc.

Live Demo:

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Special Prices:

To celebrate the 2010 FIFA World Cup, 123 Flash Chat has special offer in license prices!
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unlimited user license – $1099 ($1599)
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Free 123 Live Help Hosting Service

One month free hosting service of 123 Live Help (video edition) will be offered to 123 Web Messenger license buyer as free gift.


123 Live Help

123 Live Help Chat Software can show your website visitors a live agent which is just a click-away and enable your operators to live Text Chat/Video Chat with them. It is secure, fast, flexible, customizable & cost-effective.

123 Web Messenger

123 Web Messenger is web-based text and video site messaging software, which empower your website with a Facebook like chat bar, enabling two random users on your site to chat one on one at real-time and keep in better touch with buddies on the site using the friend list function.

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Fine Print:
Not applicable to previous purchases.
No refund of previous purchases.
Not valid with any other discounts or offers.
TOPCMM reserves the right to end this promotion at any time.

123 Flash Chat now meets iPad!

June. 13th, 2010

The enhanced 123 Flash Chat HTML chat client can run smoothly on iPad now! It is designed to create a live and pretty chat room on your website to keep connections with visitors using iPad and runs in the iPad’s browser. And these visitors won’t be bothered with anything to download or install.

iPad  Chat login panel, iPad Chat, HTML Chat, Ajax Chat, iPhone Chat Chat via iPad, iPad Chat, HTML Chat, Ajax Chat, iPhone Chat
Chat via iPad with soft-keyboard, iPad Chat, HTML Chat, Ajax Chat,  iPhone Chat

More screenshots for iPad Chat

What’s more, the iPad chat supports all main chat functions.

- Chat lobby and private chat windows are all managed by tabs.
- Chat rooms list
- A login panel with available genders to choose to enter.
- Admin and moderator can kick and ban offensive users, and all the ordinary users can ignore offensive users.
- IM Friends Invitation is available to make your users introduce your chat to their friends in other social community, such as MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, Hotmail, Twitter, etc,
- change skins on the fly
- Font style and color control.
- Emoticons/ smilies.
- Flexible dimension of the chat screen.
- Online user can be listed with alphabetical sequence or vice versa.
- Locate a user by entering part of his username.
- Clickable hyperlinks in the chat conversation.

Request update for version 7.8

If you have already bought 123 Flash Chat Software before, you are strongly recommended to upgrade it to the latest version. Buyers of the older versions, please fill in the following form, we’ll send you the upgrading package upon the details you’ve offered.If you haven’t bought it at all, then you won’t get anything even if you’ve applied here.

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Webmasters love 123 Web Messenger 2.4 Even More! For its New Looks and Powerful Admin Panel.

June 8, 2009

1. New Looks

New Skins?Nine fabulous skins are available to match your website design, the admin may choose one easily in the Admin Panel and the skin schemes are: chocolate, black, lavender, green, yellow, brown, red, blue and default (blue violet).

Custom Logo: The logo of 123 Web Messenger and the link can be replaced to your own with ease, helping to enhance your brand.

2. Advertising Banner

Text ads and banner ads may be inserted to 123 Web Messenger, the previous one at the bottom of the chat window and the latter one at the bottom of the friend list, helping the website owners to get more revenue or promote your own site.

3. Facebook-like Chat Bar Improvement: applications Menu

Webpage shortcuts can be added to the application menu of the Facebook style Chat Bar, such as site news, FAQ, etc., so that the webmaster may present some important links at the bottom of their webpages, and then the end users can access them with just one click. In addition, the open mode and the size of the applications can be defined as well.

Brief tutorial: How to customize Facebook style web chat bar?

4. Powerful Admin Panel

The following settings have been added to the Admin Panel to give the webmaster more control:

Registration Settings: the “register” button becomes optional and the link behind can be configured as well.

Custom Menu Settings: the drop-down menu with a click on a username in the friend list can be defined here.

Help Settings: the “help” button becomes optional and the link behind can be configured as well.

Language settings: The language package can be edited here, including that of the Admin Panel, the Friend List and the chat window.

View Settings: admin decides to show login panel, show guest checkbox and show online users tab, or not.
Ads on Instant Messaging Chat Clients be set in admin panel, Web  Messenger, Facebook Chat

5. Full support of all time zone.

6. Bug fixes

Special Chat Skin for 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Special Chat Skin for 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

With days to go to kickoff, World Cup fever has hit the world in earnest. Let’s whoop it up!

Download the package instantly & enjoy the FIFA World Cup South Africa chat skin and 6 optional backgrounds!

World Cup Chat Skin Download ( Installation Instructions )Chat hosting users may send email to request new skin, from your purchase email to with the host name, and we’ll update for you for free.
World Cup Chat Skin Download

World  Cup Chat Skin Background World  Cup Chat Skin Background World  Cup Chat Skin Background
World  Cup Chat Skin Background World  Cup Chat Skin Background World  Cup Chat Skin Background


1. Unzip the downloaded and you will get two folders: “world-cup2010_client” and “world-cup2010_server”.
2. copy “world-cup2010_server” into “<server side dir>/server/etc/groups/<your group name>/skin/” and then rename it into “world-cup2010″.
3. copy “world-cup2010_client” into “<client side dir>/client/skin/” and then rename it into”world-cup2010″
4. modify the skin settings in “client.xml” into “<skin value=”world-cup2010″></skin>”,save it.
5. restart the server to make it effective!