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123 Flash Chat v8.0 Preview is Available!

May 19, 2010
Flash Chat v8.0 Live Demo, PHP Chat v8.0 Live Demo, Java Chat v8.0  Live Demo After several months of hard work, we are glad to announce that 123 Flash Chat v8.0 is available for preview. And the beta edition is coming soon! This is another milestone in 123FlashChat development to bring stability, security and ease of use to our users.

Flash Chat v8.0, PHP Chat v8.0, Java Chat v8.0

New Features Broadcast:

1. Faster loading speed & response speed, while lower network traffic for communication;

2. Multiple rooms — It is available that one chat user enters 2 or more chat room simultaneously;

3. Dynamic skins — It enables users to change chat skin in client end and view the new one immediately;

4. Improved Video Chat — video chat can be re-connected automatically once cut off due to network problems or video server’s restarting. And 5 layouts offered for the video windows; these are up, down, left, right and popup. Chat users can choose the one they prefer;

5. Search list — search box is added to user list, friend list and room list. It is worthy of being mentioned that the room list is transformed from dropdown menu into a separate tab with the number of online users behind each room name. Besides, the entire three lists can be arranged in alphabetical order or by gender;

6. Neater UI — We have improved overall user interface including profile panel, user list tab, operation panel and an animation sequence to show off connecting, login and entering room, etc.

Plus so much more!

Why don’t you experience it yourself?
Check out the newly launched LIVE DEMO which is updated in May 19, 2010 based on the latest beta build.

Flash Chat v8.0 Live Demo, PHP Chat v8.0 Live Demo, Java Chat v8.0  Live Demo

By the way, welcome to apply the beta tester for 123 Flash Chat v8.0 Beta. It will be only available exclusively to our license buyer! Apply Now!

123 Live Help v5.2 Supports Skype now!

May. 7, 2010

It is well known that a SkypeIn Service may save cost for businesses, because once a SkypeIn number is bought and announced, the customers may reach your company using their conventional phones and your operators can take calls through Skype on computers. In fact, the customers even won’t be aware that they’re calling computers and they might believe you have offices abroad!

Skype in Live Help Chat Software, Phone Live Chat Software

However, if your operators need to help customers online via 123 Live Help and via Skype at the same time, they might feel inconvenient, that’s why the 123 Live Help team came to this brilliant idea to associate these two together in the latest version 5.2 to facilitate the work of the operators and to make it more efficient.

That is to say, when the customers call the Skype In number, the operator may take the call via 123 Live Help instead of via Skype.

Moreover, if you already publish a Skype account on your website as the service number, you don’t have to change any thing, all you need is just some simple setting and there you go. Skype and 123 Live Help are seamlessly integrated!

So that the customers may communicate with your operators on 123 Live Help using their Skype accounts, even the chat history text can be managed via 123 Live Help v5.2 itself, which is very important in customer relationship management, because a return customer can be recognized instantly, and what have been discussed before won’t have to be go through all over again.

Fore more details, please visit:

Besides, 123 Live Help v5.2 has improved two aspects: the predefined messages became pop-up menu to be more user friendly, some bugs are fixed as well.

So why not keep pace with the latest 123 Live Help v5.2?

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TOPCMM Software Corp. is delighted to announce the Special Offer in May.

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