Monthly Archives: March 2010

123 Flash Chat V7.7 is Released!

Reasons to Upgrade to 123 Flash Chat V7.7:

1. Further improve user experience from two aspects.

First, help panel with help text is added in the admin panel for better understanding difficult points. Second, focus location and selection function with tab key is added to certain places so as to make your operations more conveniently.

123 Flash Chat V7.7 is Released -- Further improve user experience

2. Fix bugs in V7.6.

Request update for version 7.7

If you have already bought 123 Flash Chat Software before, you are strongly recommended to upgrade it to the latest version. Buyers of the older versions, please fill in the following form, we’ll send you the upgrading package upon the details you’ve offered.If you haven’t bought it at all, then you won’t get anything even if you’ve applied here.

123 Live Help Chat v5.1 is Released!

Reasons to Upgrade to 123 Live Help Chat V5.1:

1. Queue Notifications is added to the customer-end.

Are your customers bored with this situation: they don’t know how many others are awaiting being picked-up? This is not a problem in our 123 Live Help Chat V5.1. The client end will dynamically display the position that the customer is “in queue”. It will help to relief your customers’ anxieties.

Live Help Queue Notifications – show customers current waiting position in line for that queue

2. Multiple options for installation are added.

For windows installation package, server end can be installed only instead of installing both server and client end. It is unnecessary for you to install .NET Framework when server-end is installed only.

3. Policies to FREE editions are changed.

We offer both free license and free hosting service of 123 Live Help for test. While both of them allow only one operator online with one concurrent chat connection and basic functions.

4. Bugs in v5.0 are fixed.

March Special Offers: Free Hosting Service! (Through March 31st, 2010, 29 days left)

We’re celebrating the coming of spring with 1-month Free Hosting Service for License Buyer and Annual Hosting Service Buyer!

$20 Coupon License Buyer

$20 Coupon 1-Month Free related Hosting Service will be gifted to license buyer of any product in TopCMM: 123 Flash Chat, 123 Live Help or 123 Web Messenger.

Free Chat Module Hosting Service Buyer

Free Module Gift for Annual Hosting Buyers and License Buyer! Purchase of annual hosting service will get an extra monthly hosting service for free in March. In other words, For 10 months’ hosting fee, you can gain 13 months’ hosting services now.

Live Demo Buy Now Free Download

Fine Print:
Not applicable to previous purchases. Not valid with any other discounts or offers. TOPCMM reserves the right to end this promotion at any time.

123 Flash Chat Hosting Service Offers Unlimited Bandwidth!

Since 123 Flash Chat is the first one to offer chat hosting service without limitation of monthly bandwidth, it will be no necessary to take bandwidth into consideration with Chat Hosting Service from now on!
You never need to worry about running out as it’s unlimited then, right? It requires no further thought.

Chat Hosting Pricing

Concurrent Users

User Type

Text Only


50 users license-buyer $10 / month, $100 / year $60 / month, $600 / year Unlimited


non-buyer $30 / month, $300 / year $80 / month, $800 / year
100 users license-buyer $15 / month, $150 / year $105/month, $1050/year Unlimited


non-buyer $45 / month, $450 / year $135/month, $1350/year
250 users license-buyer $25 / month, $250 / year $215 / month, $2150 / year Unlimited


non-buyer $75 / month, $750 / year $265 / month, $2650 / year
500 users license-buyer $40 / month, $400 / year $430 / month, $4300 / year Unlimited


non-buyer $120 / month, $1200 / year $510 / month, $5100 / year
1000 users license-buyer $70 / month, $700 / year $860 / month, $8600 / year Unlimited


non-buyer $210 / month, $2100 / year $1000 / month, $10000 / year
<2000 users license-buyer $100 / month, $1000 / year Negotiable. Please contact
non-buyer $300 / month, $3000 / year
unlimited users license-buyer Negotiable. Negotiable.

Video Only Hosting Pricing