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We Donate $1 of Each Order to Haiti!

A series of earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from 6.5 to 7.3 devastated Haiti on 12th, January. You’ve probably seen a lot of news, emails, tweets, and other messages about helping Haiti after them.

On May 12th, 2008, similar grievous earthquakes devastated Sichuan Province in China. We were buried in grief of losing compatriots. While at the same time, we received assistant from all over the world to help rebuild our home. It’s our turn to help people in Haiti out now.

TopCMM Software Corp. is working to stretch out a helping hand to people in desperate need, too. $1 from each new license or new host order will be donated to the Haiti Earthquake Fund in next 3 months. Your purchase for 123 Flash Chat,123 Web Messenger and 123 Live Help will support emergency relief and recovery efforts to help those people affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

A injured child receives medical treatment after an earthquake in Port-au-Prince January 13, 2010. (REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz)

Integrate the Entire Site All in One with Chat

For Immediate Release

Jan. 27th, 2010

Contact: Sharon Shi

Company: TopCMM Software Corp.


Phone: +86-21-64132718

Integrate the Entire Site All in One with Chat

123 Flash Chat debuts a brand new module called New Post Notifier. With it, users in chat room can get message alert for each new post or new reply in the forum or CMS (such as phpBB, vBulletin, Joomla and so on) integrated with 123 Flash Chat. It helps the webmaster to integrate the entire site all in one, and meanwhile helps the chat users to be practically kept posted with the dynamic update of the site.

Owen, who runs a tech forum, said “When I integrate it with my forum, the interactivities between my forum and users is enhanced. Once an interesting topic posted in forum, both chat users and forum users can take part in discussion instantly. The whole atmosphere in the forum is becoming more and more active. ”

Another website’s administrator, Drico tells her friends “With it, whenever the contents of my system are changed a bit, my online users will be able to receive timely notice. Then they will get a lot of fun from enjoying those new things.”

They both have the same experiences: their websites’ users are increasing rapidly and the network traffic become higher and higher. These make them laugh to death.

Access 123 Flash Chat demo room by simply visiting

In short, 123 Flash Chat makes your website more popular, helps to increase traffic and consolidates the loyalty of users. We sincerely hope it will bring you many more tangible benefits in future.

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Forum and CMS Post Notifier Module of 123 Flash Chat

With the Forum and CMS Post Notifier Module of 123 Flash Chat (New Post Notifier module for short), you can integrate your forum or CMS system with any chat room of 123 Flash Chat. Therefore when a new post is delivered or replied on your website, your chat users in those rooms will get a messenger alert with information of the post.

Now the New Post Notifier module supports almost all popular forum or CMS systems, including vBulletin, Joomla, phpBB and IPB, etc. And more modules are coming soon.

It will help you to integrate the entire site all in one, and meanwhile helps your chat users to be practically kept posted with the dynamic update of the site.

Price: $99

123 Flash Chat Buy Now 123 Flash Chat Post Notifier Demo


1. It can be enabled in defined chat rooms.
2. You can decide what changes will be shown in chat rooms, new post, new reply or even new edit.
3. The content of message can be customized by your own.
4. Image in post can also be shown in chat room.
5. You can change the color of messages as you like.

How to configure it?

1. Configure in the Admin Panel.

Settings parameters:

Enable New Post Notifier: It is selected by default.

Allow Access IP Address*: IP Address for the server where your Forum or CMS system is built on.

Frequency of Sending a Message (1 minute): Upper limit of chat room post notice per minute.

API Password: It is used to match the password on the server where your Forum or CMS system located. If you leave it empty, no password validation is required.

2. Make relevant settings in your forum and CMS system.

We have already written the special modules about integrating Joomla, vBulletin, phpBB and IPB with 123 Flash Chat Software as examples for you. If you are using anyone of the 4 above, please follow the readme in file. If not, please contact us for further development.

Schematic Diagram

A Demonstration of Configuration (with phpBB)

1. Enable the New Post Notifier Module and configure it in admin panel.

2. Make relevant settings in phpBB.

3. Submit a new post in the phpBB forum.

4. Chat users in the defined rooms are noticed about the new post with a message.

123 Flash Chat v7.6 Released!

Reasons to Upgrade to 123 Flash Chat V7.6:

1. New Post Notifier Module is added (optional).

With it, 123 Flash Chat rooms can integrate with forums and CMS systems (such as phpBB, vBulletin, IPB, Joomla! and so on). Therefore users in the chat room will get message alert for each new post, new reply or even new edit in the forum or CMS. It helps the webmaster to integrate the entire site all in one, and meanwhile helps the chat users to be practically kept posted with the dynamic update of the site.

New Post Notifier Module is added

2. HTML Chat is enhanced.

The loading speed is greatly improved and the file transfer module is supported this time.

3. User List Panel is updated.

More roles in the user list are now identified by their different text colors. These roles are: superadmin, admin, moderator, speaker, regular member and guest.

4. Moderator can be granted the power to set up the chat room settings.

It’s controlled by the admin. To do so, it improves the flexibility of managing the room and the admin can relief his or her burden of work when necessary.

5. Keywords searching function is added in the ban list panel.

When a ban list is too long, it really takes time to unban an IP, a user, or a computer. With this function, it saves a lot of time for the administrator to do those jobs. What’s more, IP sorting of the ban list is improved.

6. Monitor panel node independent

“Monitor panel” node is separated from the “System Management” node. It is more convenient for the administrator to monitor the relevant information and take corresponding actions.

7. Superadmin can decide whether the admin could view the license information.

8. Full time zone support is added in admin Panel.

9. 123 Flash Chat installation packages for Windows x64, Linux x64, MAC and MAC x64 are added.

Request update for version 7.6

If you have already bought 123 Flash Chat Software before, you are strongly recommended to upgrade it to the latest version. Buyers of the older versions, please fill in the following form, we’ll send you the upgrading package upon the details you’ve offered.If you haven’t bought it at all, then you won’t get anything even if you’ve applied here.

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