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New Year Special Offers: Free License for 123 Live Help Buyer! (Through Jan. 2010)

For License Buyer For License Buyer

Free License for 123 Live Help License Buyer Buy 123 Live Help License in New Year’s Promotion, we will offer you a free license of 123 Web Messenger License (start at $199). For the basic edition, you can gain a basic edition for free; and the video one, gain an ultimate 123 Web Messenger for free.

For example
If you only buy a Basic Edition of 123 Live Help License (valued $299), you can win a 50 users limited 123 Web Messenger Basic Edition License (valued $199).

TopCMM offers FREE installation & FREE standard integration to all 3 products: 123 Flash Chat, 123 Web Messenger & 123 Live Help.

For Hosting Buyer For Hosting Buyer

Free Module Gift for Annual Hosting Buyers! Purchase any annual hosting service will get a $99 module in New Year Promotion. That means you can choose a $99 module in the Modules List if you pay one year’s hosting fee in advance for any of our 3 products: 123 Flash Chat, 123 Web Messenger & 123 Live Help.

cross promotion For Module Buyer

Buy One Module, Get One FREE Buy one $99 module, get another $99 module for free.

While Buy one $499 module, you can get other 2 $99 modules for free!

FYI, here is the Modules List!

Live Demo Buy Now Free Download

123 Live Help Chat Software New Face Website!

Hi all,

123 Live Help Chat Software is another product of our TopCMM Software Corp. It is a web-based live support software, which offers professional hosting service & FREE live chat software on non-commercial purposes to use. It enables the e-business websites to offer online instant help to visitors, and turn potential customers to buyers.

Now, 123 Live Help’s website is coming to your eyes with a totally new face. Trust it will conquer your eyes with beatiful interface and fruitful & all-around content. Please see it here

123 Live Help Chat v5.0 released!

Reasons to Upgrade to 123 Live Help Chat V5.0:

1. Spell Checker Added in Operator Panel

Spell checker added in the Operator Panel can auto-detect your spelling mistakes according to your default input language, so it can greatly bring down the chances to make mistakes while talking with customers.

Spell Checker Added in Operator Panel

2. All-around Reports Generated in Admin Panel

The live chat software reports for statistical analysis contain Traffic Source, Visitor & Customer & Performance Management, to help you in Search Engine Optimization, marketing and personnel management.

3. Enhanced Free Integration

You can build a brand new department for Member-only after our free database integration. And you can also show rich & highly customizable client profile in Operator Panel as the screenshot below:

4. Improved UI Design

1) The Operator and Admin Panel’s UI design are improved. So does the log-in interface of the Customer Panel.
2) The component of changing skin is enhanced: you can edit the skin and save the settings as your own customization.
3) The Proactive Chat Invitation Theme is beautified & enriched with more options.
4) Prompt icons are added to simplify the usage of chat software.
5) The columns in both Operator Panel and Admin Panel are movable for easy customization.

5. Improved User Experience

1) Push URL function is added as operator convenience.
2) Search chat history function is strengthened with highlighting keywords in searching results, complementing the search box and adding super tool tip.
3) The right-click menus are provided with functions, such as copy, add, modify and delete.
4) Add shortcut in quick launch bar after installation.

6. License management is improved

7. Auto-detect updates function is added.

8. Some Bugs fixed

123 Flash Chat Launched Chat servers in UK and Los Angeles Data Center !

Dear Customers,

To meet your every need and bring you a chat with high performance, we have launched our chat servers in UK and Los Angeles Data Center!

1) You  are suggested to transfer your chat to our UK servers if most of your users are from Europe.

2) Your chat could be transfered to Los Angeles servers if you feel the video chat lags.

No charges involved for the above service, please reply us if necessary.

Your 123 Flash Chat Support Team