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Christmas Special Offers: Free Licenses Gift & 50% off on all Modules?

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Free Module Gift Believe your eyes! We will gift you 2 software licenses: a 123 Web Messenger License (start at $199) & a 123 Live Help License (start at $599) only if you buy any license of 123 Flash Chat in Christmas promotion.

For example
If you only buy a 50 users limited 123 Flash Chat License(valued $199), you can win both 50 users limited 123 Web Messenger Basic Edition License (valued $199) and 123 Live Help text edition License (valued $599).

And if you also buy an Audio/Video Chat Module (only $249 in promotion),the 123 Web Messenger & 123 Live Help license can be upgrated to Ultimate Edition (valued $599) & Text+Video Edition (valued $1599).

TopCMM offers FREE installation & FREE standard integration to all 3 products: 123 Flash Chat, 123 Web Messenger & 123 Live Help.

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 New Special Chat Skin for Thanksgiving Day will come soon! Buy the 123 Web Messenger License in Christmas Promotion, we offer you a free license of the 123 Live Help. For the basic edition, you can gain a text edition for free; and the ultimate one, gain a text + video 123 Live Help for free.
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123 Web Messenger v2.3 Released — Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar is improved & Admin Panel is added & Guest Login is allowed!

Highlights in 123 Web Messenger v2.3:

1. Admin Panel–a long expected function is added.

You may be eager for Admin Panel function to serve you better, for you used 123 Web Messenger previous versions, you must meet a lot of troubles. Now in 123 Web Messenger V2.3, the Admin Panel is coming, in which you can check the detailed License Info, modify the System Settings, manage users and the system, and even can Submit Ticket for help.

2. Guest Login–special feature of 123 Web Messenger v2.3!

Did you and your customer have this experience: whenever you or your customer login any system, it forces you or your customer to register first? How boring it is! The Friend List of the Web Messenger v2.3 supports guests to log in without registration!

3. Load an external web application in Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar .

A new feature helps you create a fully personal Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar. Learn more details? Please contact our 7*24 hours online support or read through the manual.

4. 1 to 1 chat with all online users of website without invitation.

User in Friend List can chat with anyone in Members List directly by double click his/her name.

5. More humanized Video Function

123 Web Messenger improves its video function from showing one-side video to show both sides video.

6. Auto-hyperlink text URLs

Don’t waste your time for waiting! Act at once!

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Thanksgiving Special Offer: Free Module Gift!

Free Module Gift

It is only for License Buyer and Annual Hosting Service Buyer. Everyone who buy 123 Flash Chat can get a free module! You can select any one valued $99 in 123 Flash Chat feature module list.

123 Flash Chat offers FREE installation & FREE integration.

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TopCMM Wishes you happy every day in 2009, a greater success in your business and happiness with your family!

Fine Print:
Not applicable to previous purchases. Not valid with any other discounts or offers. TOPCMM reserves the right to end this promotion at any time.