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123 Flash Chat v7.5 Released!

Highlights in 123 Flash Chat v7.5:

1. Grouping Admin is available with two groups: Super Admin & Admin.

To meet your requirements is always our persistent pursuits. Offering two user groups makes you more easily to manage your chat room users. For example, when you add a new admin, you can do it like this. Click the “Add” button, a box will appear, then enter his or her information. Careful as you are, you can select the user group for the admin this time. Just click the “save” button, a new admin account will be created. Is it convenient and exciting?

From here as below, the next step is to setup your own unique settings. To change the rights of admin group, please use your mouse to click the node “User Groups Settings”. View the “Admin Group Power” from its right side, make sure the power you want to grant and then check it, then click the “Save” button. All jobs are finished. How are your feelings about doing this?

2. Strengthen the server side’s ability of identifying whether the “username / computer / ip” is banned. Meanwhile, it optimizes the performance of Admin Panel->System Management->Ban List panel.

3. Add install FCS auto-installation script into Linux installation package.

Request update for version 7.5

If you ALREADY BOUGHT 123 flash chat server software before, you are strongly recommended to upgrade it to the latest version. Buyers of the older versions, please fill in the following form, we’ll send you the upgrading package upon the details you’ve offered.If you haven’t bought it at all, then you won’t get anything even if you’ve applied here.

Free Gift Halloween Chat Skin!

Halloween is coming! Let’s whoop it up!

It is the first time to add dynamic effect in chat skin. The shaking human skeleton and a floating ghost cartoon affixed to make you sense a Halloween atmosphere. How do you feel? Furthermore, we present you three special background for Halloween for free.

Download the package Instantly & enjoy the the Halloween chat skin now!


1. unzip the downloaded and you will get two folders: “halloween_client” and “halloween_server”.
2. copy “halloween_server” into “<server side dir>/server/etc/groups/<your group name>/skin/” and then rename it into “halloween”.
3. copy “halloween_client” into “<client side dir>/client/skin/” and then rename it into”halloween”
4. modify the skin settings in “client.xml” into “<skin value=”halloween”></skin>”,save it.
5. restart the server to make it effective!

October Special Offer: Follow us on Twitter to win $20 Coupon!

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Cross-Promotion: 20% discount for 3 & 10% for 2

It is only for License Buyer and Annual Hosting Service Buyer. Everyone who buy all 123 Flash Chat, 123 Web Messenger & 123 Live Help can get 20% discount on whole payment for the 3, while buy 2 of the 3 can get 10% discount. If you have already bought 1 of the 3 products (123 Flash Chat, 123 Web Messenger or 123 Live Help ), then you can get 10% off to buy another 1 or 20% off to another 2. For more details, please consult our online support in demo. TopCMM Wishes you happy every day in 2009, a greater success in your business and happiness with your family!

Learn More:

Screenshot for TopCMM Web Chat Bar of 3 products ( Facebook Messenger Style ) below:

Live Demo ( At the bottom of browser )

123 Web Messenger is a web-based text and video messaging software, which enables two random users on your site to chat one on one at real-time, and keep in better touch with buddies on the site  using the friend list function.
123 Live Help is a web-based live support software, it enables e-business websites to offer online call-center to visitors.