Monthly Archives: September 2009

Sales & Tech Supports are still on duty in National Day vacation!

Here the 8-day long vacation to celebrate the National Day is approaching.( From Oct.1st to Oct.8th ).

Our sales team is always online for 7*24 hours live support. And our tech support will be on duty from GMT+8:00 PM 9:00 to next AM 9:00 in these days.While the R&D department will be back at Oct.9th. Thank you for understanding!

Ok, see you 8 days later. And remember that we are always serving for you, just contact with our sales inĀ  Live Chat Demo when you meet any problem.

Two-Day Tour to Hengdian-Celebrating TopCMM Software Corp. 6-Year-Old Birthday!

September 4th is “TopCMM Software Corp. 6-Year-Old Birthday!”, so last weekend all the staff with their families went to Hengdian to celebrate it.

Hengdian is located in Zhejiang Province in China. It is a world-renowned base for making films and television series in China.”It looks like the Hollywood in the past!”

In the two days, we visited the famous Palace of Emperor of Qin, Riverside Scene at the Pure Moon Festival and the Rocky Grotto. On the way back to Shanghai, we experienced the Yiwu Commodities City Of China.

We were all very happy and more united, more familiar with each other during the journey!

Blessing TopCMM Software Corp. a better tomorrow!