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Live Show Module of 123 Flash Chat v7.4


TopCMM Software Corp. released the 123 Flash Chat v7.4 Beta. Its new Module named Live Show can feed a website with dynamic content through a chat room. How? The conversations in a chat room synchronously display on a website with some HTML code, it’s live but read-only though. Lots of visitors will be attracted to join in. In addition, the Live Show can be widely used to add live scrolling news or site events, sport events or stock quote, etc. to the website. And there will be many more applications for you to explore.

Price: $99


*Retrieving content from the specific chat room channel pre-defined by the chat room owner.

*The words of the particular types of users (including moderators, speakers, regular members) can be defined to display or not in the live show, by the admin in the admin panel.

*It is based on the HTML web-page, its color, size, skin and even the style can be easily customized. The proper height & width of display area can be defined as well.

*Seamlessly integrated to a website, either floating or embedded.

*Cross-browser, supporting almost all kinds of browsers such as IE, Firefox, Opera and so on

*It can be directly experienced by the iPhone and Google Phone users.