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123 Web Messenger V2.1 Released !

123 Web Messenger is a web (browser) based instant messaging software, it can create a unique IM network only for your own website, can be fully integrated with your existing user database and enables one-to-one chat function to your website users. The key feature is the Friend List which makes it more convenient to locate the user he wants.

123Webmessenger- Desktop edition

New features:

1. Desktop edition of 123WebMessenger is added, now your users may join your 123WebMessenger network without logging in your website.

2. Automatic user idle status shift functionality, the status information of the users who has been inactive for 5 minutes will become idle automatically.

3. Auto-reconnect functionality is added, if a client lost connection with your 123WebMessenger network, it will automatically reconnect to it.

4. The messages from different users will be colorized differently, this will help a user easily find his buddy’s message in the chat show window.

5. The sorting logic of user list is enhanced which will help you locate a users in a much quicker way.
Other highlights:

1. Focus will be automatically located in the input box.

2. User search functionality is enhanced.

3. Cancel login function is added.

4. Focus will be automatically located in the search box

123 Flash Chat V7.3 Released !

June. 23th, 2009

Three major highlights of v7.3

1. Games are introduced, with this great feature enhanced, your users will become crazy for your chat. “Are you ready to rock and roll?” You can ask them and told them,” Hit the Game button now!”. More details, please click here!
2. Html Chat Client has also been supported by Android on T-Mobile G1 or G2, your users may join the chat on their gPhone now!
3. Nickname filter feature, are you tired of the guys who has a username containing dirty words? Try v7.3, in this new version, all of the names containing such kind of words, no matter it is nickname or username, will not be available.

123flashchat-Nickname filter feature

June Special Offer: Discount on Family Softwares! (Through June 30th, 2009)

TOPCMM Software Corp. is delighted to announce the Special Offer in June.

1. Discount on Family Softwares (For License Buyer)

Purchasing 123FlashChat & 123LiveHelp, you will get a discount of 15% off for total price;

Purchasing 123FlashChat & 123WebMessenger, you will get a discount of 15% off for total price;

Purchasing 123WebMessenger & 123LiveHelp, you will get a discount of 20% off for total price;

Purchasing all 123FlashChat & 123LiveHelp & 123WebMessenger, you will get a discount of 25% off for total price.


123LiveHelp is a web-based live support software, it enables e-business websites to offer online Video call-center for visitors.
123WebMessenger is a web-based text and video messaging software, which enables two random users on your site to chat one on one at real-time, and keep in better touch with buddies on the site using the friend list function.

2. Coupon: Get $20 for every $200 purchase, then save $20 off $50 on your next purchase. (Coupon valid 3 months)

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