Monthly Archives: March 2009

123 Flash Chat v7.1 Released

1. Faster, in v7.1, 123FlashChat uses Derby as its default embedded database to quicken the response when your traffic is large.

2. More convenient, in v7.1, 123FlashChat added the function to display a user’s current status, the best of it is you may set the status by yourself, if you need to go out for a little while, you may set your status as “Away??, so your buddies will not waste their time to wait for your response.
V7.1 Changes _01

3. Better chat environment, in this new version, 7 chat themes are offered for your choice, now, your users may choose their favorite chat theme and have a more fresh experience in your chat.
V7.1 Changes _02

Other highlights:

1. Improved the cursor’s auto-return function? that is when you finish an operation(such as sending an image or a file, etc) and need get back to chat, the curser will be automatically relocated in the chat-input area.

2. Improved the pop-up window’s display effect, the position of the pop-up window is decided by the time it is opened, the window that later pops up will be shown on the top, while the former, the bottom.