Monthly Archives: October 2008

123 Flash Chat Server v6.9.6 Released!

Why you need v6.9.6?

1. Handsome Revenue: You know you need to pay 123flashchat for using her service, but now, 123flashchat pays you! Click here for detailed information.

2. Faster Loading: The admin panel loading performance has been optimized remarkably which will offer you a much better user experience.

3. More Humane Setting: Making an Audio/Video conversation in private message window would need your acceptance first.

Other highlights:

1) Improved the performance of determining whether user should be banned, muted or kicked user.

2) Room list can be displayed completely even when room number is greater than 30.

3) Admin Panel
a. Better support to YouTube video.
b. Better support to Flash Player 6, 7 and 10.

4) Three data APIs are added for the third party application to push the message data to the chat server through an HTTP request:
a. Broadcast
b. TalkMessage
c. SystemMessage

For the details, please access: