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TopCMM team will be on the National Day holiday

Oct. 1st is the Chinese National Day, our technical team will be on 7-day holiday from 29th Sep to 5th Oct, and our sales team will have 3 days OFF. Still, one sales will be on duty from CST 8:00-20:00 to support you online (from 1st Oct to 3rd Oct).

If any emergency, please send email to: or call +8621-51785636

Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for bearing with us, we’ll be back soon!

The Affiliate System of 123 Flash Chat is Available Now!

You’re invited to partner with 123 Flash Chat – the leading software in chat server field. The affiliate system contains almost all service of 123 Flash Chat, and there is no cost or obligation when you signing up.

Make money

As a 123 Flash Chat affiliate, you can earn commission equals to 20% of them customer’s original license fee, and premium equals to 10% of the module fee, and 5% of the chat hosting (if any) recurring revenue for the life of the account! What’s more, the ratio will rise if you sell well.

Technological Palladium

Our proprietary tracking software uses two technologies (cookies and query strings with session IDs) to accurately tell us when a sale is referred from your web site, So if you refer someone who leaves our web site and comes back later (up to a year later) to make the payment, you will still get full credit and we will pay you.

Know the score

The Affiliates monthly report and newsletter will keep you up to date on the traffic & customer you referred, our new releases, special promotions, etc.

Enhance your website

You may apply designed marketing materials for use on site, in email, and in online promotions.

What’s even better is that you can get free special chat-room shown on your site in a short time.

So, Why Not sign up now?

For the details, please access:

File Transfer Module

Introduction of File Transfer Module

Often in conversation, the chat users may experience the need to share a file with each other. It could be a word document, a picture or some MP3 files. Now with the optional file transfer module, chat users can send and receive any files without having to invoke email program. The module is only available in the private chat window, not in the chat lobby.

Feature Highlights

  1. Technically any kinds of files can be transferred, and the file type can be controlled by the admin.
  2. In admin panel, administrator can configure max file size, file upload/download location and user group that can use the function.
  3. After purchasing the File Transfer Module, there are two ways to transfer a file. You can use the chat server internal HTTP server, or write an application to accomplish the task using your website language PHP or ASP, etc.
  4. The file is transferred via server but not peer to peer.

How to Use the File Transfer Module


1. Initialize the file transfer

There are two ways to initialize a file transfer. First, left-click the user name that you want to transfer file with, select “Send file’ in the pop-up menu, then a private chat window would open.

Second, double click the user name to which you want to transfer file, click the “Send file” icon in chat dialogue box.

2. Choose the file

Following either way over mentioned, an open file dialogue box would show, choose the file, click “Open”, and then the request would be sent out. Before the object user decides whether to accept your request, you can cancel the transfer request if you want.

For the details, please access:

123 Flash Chat Server Software v6.9.5 is released!

The new version of 123 Flash Chat v6.9.4 is now released. A lot of new features and updates were integrated into this new release.

1) Faster Loading: the chat room loading has been optimized remarkably which offers much better user experience.

2) Flood Protection: Admin is equiped with the following weapons in the war against the attackers:

- “ban computer”, in order to prevent malicious user from logging into the system with a new username, IP or via proxy software, we added ‘ban computer’ feature to help administrators to ban malicious user by banning his session ID rather than his user name or IP
- “ban for certain time”, the length of time to get ban overturned can be defined each time, as well as the reason.
- add “ban computer” to kick, to save time and save you the trouble.
- mute user: admins and moderators can automatically or manually mute/unmute some annoying users.
Mute a user means to disable him from sending messages for a duration of time.

3) File Transfer (optional): users may transfer files in the private chat windows, the file format and the entitled user types to perform the file transfer can both be predefined by admin.

Moreover, a brief checklist of the changes:

–Chat Client–

1) File transfer is enabled
A file transfer chat module is added, (optional)

2) Mute user function is added
a. Admin and moderator can mute a user in the room
b. Auto flood prevention is enabled by default

3) Ban Enhancement
a. Add ban computer ID function
b. Add ban expired time function
c. Add ban reason function

4) Kick Enhancement, kick a user computer ID automatically

5) Font style option is added

6) User can be baned or kicked simply from the “enter room” or “quit room” notification message.

7) Admin Panel
a. Ban list Enhancement
The following options can now be easily configured in the visual Admin Panel:
b. File transfer
c. Chat client font color
d. Whether to display the whisper option
e. Whether to display the “* says to *” option
f. Send notification on the closing of the private message window or not.

8) Lite Chat Client is added
a. A floating mini chat window is available with multiple skins, which only takes limited space and can communicate with the main chat client directly.
b. And there is a “full screen” button on the lite client too.

 For the details, please access:

Please click the following link to download:

Happy Birthday, TopCMM!

How time flies! TopCMM is having her 5th birthday.

In the past 5 years, TopCMM’s big achievement cannot be separated from the whole team’s effort. To celebrate the 5th birthday of our dear company, the staff and their boy/girl friends went to KTV for a singing game. Everyone showed her/his great gift in singing.

Our talented professionals are not only good at their corresponding specialties, but also good at singing and performance. Derek is also known as little Andy, because his voice is very similar with the well known Hong Kong singer Andy Lau. Jason and his girl friend also brought us a wonderful enjoyment with their songs. Cloudy really surprised us with her vivid voice, and Joy and Daniel are also good at singing, you can see that from Daniel’s last two songs. Everybody seemed to be swimming in his songs, and could not help singing together with him. At last, Bo Jing read his poem to the company, and this poem touched all the people present.

In TopCMM, we all feel that we are in a young and energetic big family. Members devote themselves, and grow up with each others. We deeply believe that TopCMM will become more and more grown-up, and we will all have a brilliant future.


so sweet!! 

singing star 

Our Little Andy Lau!! 


Our famous singer! 

Listen! It’s an expressive piece of music. 

Let‘s have a chorus! 

So serious! 

What a professional pose! 

Cheers for TopCMM’s 5th Birthday! 

We did have fun together.