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123 Web Messenger Software released version 1.3!

123 Web Messenger is a web (browser) based instant messaging software, it creates an unique IM network only for your own website, fully integrated your existing user database and enables one-to-one chat function to your website users. The key feature is the invitation box which pops up from the webpage. 123 Web Messenger only has private chat function, instead of a public chat lobby.

Changes of Version 1.3

  • Multiple skins are available for the chat panel, and the logo becomes customizable.
  • The UI of the invitation notification window was improved.
  • Bugs fixed.

The Badminton Match

The badminton match was hold in the Longming Middle School at July 18, 2008. It was very hot, but we all felt excited.

Players score by striking a shuttlecock with their racquet, and making it passes over the net and lands on their opponents’ half of the court. A rally ends once the shuttlecock has struck the ground, and the shuttlecock may only be struck once by each side before it passes over the net.

We played Badminton doubles match. Members were divided into several groups. Each group had a wonderful show to everybody.

The competition started. The knock-out system was adopted. Joy and Jason made a great performance. Kevin and Bruce were two excellent players too. Through the finals, Kevin and Bruce won the championship and they got a pair of badminton rackets for award.

The sport made our friendship more deep. Each group all worked together to take the champion and make us more united. We all had a great time.

Come on!

Come on! 

Owen spun round to catch the shuttlecock.

Daniel gave away the prizes to the winners. 

Kevin and Bruce were winners! 

Tony is a strong Badminton player. 

Roger is good at badminton. 

Badminton Match Players 

Firefox Extension of 123 Flash Chat is Released!

Firefox Extension for 123 Flash Chat (version1.1) is a real-time communication solution. It provides different kinds of chat room for users to choose and login then directly into room. It is also a fast, easy, clean, secure and direct chat solution which is embed into FireFox browser.

Video function and whiteboard function is also included in the chat so that people could chat face to chat has changed the appearance of advertising, corporate communications, and consumer applications on the Internet.

The chat itself is full-featured Java chat server and Flash client which provides a easy, powerful and affordable chat envoirement,more information could be found at



123 Flash Chat Server Software v6.9.4 is released!

The new version of 123 Flash Chat v6.9.4 is now released. A lot of new features and updates were integrated into this new release.
Chat Client

1) Handwriting is Enabled
A handwriting chat module is added(optional).

2) Auto Message Enhancement
Different chat room can now has unique robot auto messages and each message may use special style.

3) Audio and Video Setting Enhancement
Audio and video setting may be individually enabled or disabled per room basis.

4) White board can be enabled or disabled per room basis

5) To restart the chat server becomes available in the Admin Panel

6) Admin Panel Revolution
The following stuff can now be easily changed in the visual Admin Panel:a. Chat backgrounds
b. Flash emotions
c. Flash sound files
d. Chat advertisement banners
e. The font size list of the input messages
f. User’s custom profile

Chat Server

1) Resolve the latency problem when the server is under high load.

2) Performance improved, and data transmission is speeded up when flash player 9 is used to load the chat.

For the details, please access: