Monthly Archives: May 2008

123 Flash Chat v6.9.3 is released!

123 Flash Chat Server v6.9.3 release notes:

 The Chat Client in this release provide the HTML editor. You may find it’s simple and neat with the basic chat features like font control, smiley and skin change. It can communicate with the flash client smoothly. It also supports RTL input, so the one who use Arabic or Hebrew may like it. In addition to the HTML editor, the Lite Chat Client is also a brilliant invention, which can be used to a space-limited website. As to the Admin Panel, we made 80% XML settings configured in the Admin Panel more conveniently, and enabled to ban offline users.

 The Chat Server was also improved with a more secure mechanism to prevent the attacks of some hacking tools. 3 data APIs are added for the third party applications to get the chat server data through an HTTP request.

For the details, please access: