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123 Live Help 3.2 is released!

123 Live Help 3.2 release notes:

123 Live Help 3.2 is now released! With this new release, you can monitor and control the conversation via MSN Messenger. It provide you the ability to do the following things in MSN Messenger:

* Get the online staff list
* Get the conversation list
* Activate or deactivate monitor the specific conversation and search message logs, etc

For the details, please access:

TOPCMM won a football game against PPS!

TOPCMM team is not only good at programming, but also gifted in football field, which is proved in the game against at April 13, 2008.

The football game field is located in the ShangHai Physical Education Technology Institute which was the former alma mater for Yao Ming and Liu Xiang. During the game, both teams fight to prove the mettle and fight for honor. Especially the TOPCMM combination team with the staff members, their relatives and friends, under the team captain Daniel, will give nothing less than 100 per cent, although they are realistic that the rivals will be a tough nut to crack.

A few minutes when the match began, PPS scored their first goal. Fall behind but not defeated, TOPCMM fight back. And Kevin pulled it even thanks to his lightning speed. The second goal of TOPCMM was made by Daniel and as the PPS team gradually ran out of physical strength, TOPCMM comfortably claimed top spot with many goals at last.

PPS goalkeeper was very tough and did an incredible job, TOPCMM goalkeeper Derek and then Jason also made great efforts to help the team win the glory of victory. At last TOPCMM won impressively to stride into the knockout phase.

Derek, Jason, David, Owen, Daniel, Kevin, Rock, Andy, Sharon’s bf, Landy’s Fiance joined the game for TOPCMM and they have Wu, Yang, Leo and Jason’s 2 friends as external assistance. The cheerleaders are Lucia, Sharon, Landy. And the service guy Dustin did an impressive job. Joy and David work as photographers.

Daniel said, “PPS is a good team and I have much respect for the way that they play as a unit. We finally succeeded in winning the game and it is a great achievement to have got so far. However, there‚Äôs still a long way to get to the highest level of football competition.”

The clearance kick of the PPS’ goalkeeper.

One on one.

The bullt.

Daniel’s dribbling.

Left foot shoot!

so cool

Roger break loose of David.

It’s fun!

The new version of 123 Flash Chat (Version 6.9.2) is available now!

In this version, we have the following updates for the 123 Flash Chat:
1. In order to respond the YouTube changes, we updated the way to play YouTube video inside the chat room.
2. The domain names with two dots (e.g.: are allowed to connect and pass the license key verification process.
3. The HTTPS URL authentication is supported in the database integration now.

If you have bought 123 Flash Chat server software, we strongly recommend you to upgrade it to our latest version.

For the details, please access: