Monthly Archives: February 2008

Notice of Office Move!

Please be advised that TOPCMM has moved its office to a new location effect at Feb. 3rd, 2008.

New Address: Shanghai JiaoTong University Withub Software Park,
Leshan Road 33 room 100, Shanghai, China.
Phone: +86-21-51785636
Fax: +86-21-51785637

Thank you.

123 Live Help version 3.1 was released!

The new version of 123Livehelp will offer you some new features. Let me introduce the new changes of 123Livehelp.

The staff member can invite a visitor from the certain webpage actively. The visitors won’t have to click any chat button on the webpage; they will instead be greeted by some friendly messages, while the staff can chat with them to offer assistance. The visitors can choose a certain stuff, who they prefer to chat with. 123 Live help 3.1 provides real-time chat search and client detective, which makes the stuff more convenient to search the chat scripts, and help staff to check the time zone and OS of the clients. Besides, the new version has better GUI design that is more beautiful and friendly to the users. On the other hand, administrators can generate chat code to define the availability of the staff members and the departments, whether to show the daemon client, choose the skin of the invitation window and the chat window, etc.

For the details, please access: