Monthly Archives: December 2007

Christmas Skiing

TOPCMM went skiing to celebrate the up-coming Christmas, it feels so right to touch the snow and ice in the special moment, surrounding by our friends in TOPCMM. Austin and Daniel are the stars of the game, while the other new beginners had a nice try and performed well too.

Merry X’mas to you all!

Cute girls!

Big family!

Everyone wins in the Chinese Chess Match!

We had a Chinese chess match since Dec.3th 2007. Everybody enjoyed themselves no mater they are expert or amateur of this game.

Chinese Chess, or xiangqi, is perhaps the most popular board game in the world.  It exercises the brain in much the same way as Western (international) chess but with different rule. The classic Chinese chess is also a very important part of Chinese culture, it is estimated there are as many as half a billion people who know how to play the game and thanks to the internet,  the numbers keep growing.

We look professional! After 3 days’ competition, the champion went to Joy followed by Kevin, Mike and Dustin.

Opening match

So serious

That’s funny!

Daniel is announcing the result of the competition.