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123 Flash Chat Server v6.8 is Released

We finally realse our 6.8 on oct. 12th, after long time hard-working ! And we believe you will have more fun with this newly 123-Flash-Chat!
Below are some new features:

Admin Panel:

1) Integration configuration. (choose one method of the 5 options).
2) The following three modules configuration at the front end, video chat module, whiteboard module and image transfer module, if purchased.
3) Admin account management.
4) MP3 playlist is added into the Room Panel.

More specific?
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Client end:

5) MP3 player is added below the userlist (if admin launches the function).
6) Sending sound in chat room is added.
7) Font management is integrated in one single panel.
8) Faster loading speed than previous version.

Just click on to have a try!

Server end:

9) Server performance has increased considerably by 30% to 40%, especially when handling high volumes of traffic.

To get an idea of our newly 123-Flash-Chat?
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Related picture:

new faetures

with the “send sound”  and “mp3 player”  you sure will enjoy more with our 123flashchat!

mp3 player

With this “edit music ” function in  the “admin panel “,  the ” admin ” now can share his/her favourite songs with the users!