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2007 September, Celebrate TOPCMM’s birthday!

---Our family photo taken on huangshan. Behind us stands the United Pine tree, it symbolise the 56 ethenic groups in China united together closely!

—Our family photo! Taken on Huangshan! Behind us standing the famous united-pine tree, it is the symbol of unity of our 56 ethenic groups of China!
September 7th, 2007 was TOPCMM’s 4th birthday. That day we were on Huangshan the most famous mountain in China to celebrite it !

The Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) is probably the most famous Chinese mountain. The fantastic pines, the grotesque rocks, the sea of clouds and the hot springs are the four major attractions of the Yellow Mountains.

We enjoyed the beatiful scenery there , made wishes there, taken a lot of photoes there!

This day surely was a great day for us And our Topcmm Software Corp.

Our basketball team

—-Our basketball team !