Monthly Archives: July 2007

123 Flash Chat Server v6.7 is Released

13th, Jul, 2007 123 Flash Chat, the leading community chat software, today released version 6.7!

More New Features:

1.  New Admin Panel

The new Admin Panel enables the flash chat adminitrator to add more admins, replace chat  logo and edit filter words, and so on.
That makes it more convenient to manage all the chat rooms, especially for a chat hosting user.

2. New Skin

The new skin for the flash chat is more professional and neat than ever! (We name it “default” to differentiate with the old “standard”.)

more details, please visit:

or, please go to to view the changes.

We would like to thank all the loyal customers for sharing your brilliant idea with us and we will save no efforts to create a better and better user experience for you guys!