Monthly Archives: January 2007

Merry Christmas!

To celebrate the coming of the Christmas, TopCmm organized a skiting activity. We had a good time. Everybody is very busy in their daily work, But now, we are all relaxed. We showed the other side of Topcmm, i.e.: happiness, easiness, and liveliness. To cherish, my friends! Keep our best beautiful smile and the best value here, in Topcmm, in everybody’s heart!

so cute gril!~~

handsome boy

our families!

Having fun in Basketball ^^

Imagining palying basketball in a chilly winter afternoon…Maybe you will say, o, that’s so terrible! But we did have an amazing experience of it.

picture of us taken that day

All the staff of Topcmm had a basketball training in Guangda exhibition center last saturday which was a preparation for the abuilding basketball team of our company. I should say that it was really a wonderful match which was between the boys of ours and some friends from Microsoft while girls acting as the cheering squad. Though it was so cold that day, everyone did his best and devoted into it to make up for the lackness of sport in normal times. As a saying goes, to be live, to be sportive, sport can make us keep young and more concentrated on work, so we will definitely go on practising it every weekend.