Monthly Archives: November 2006

123Livehelp 2.1 released!

Nov 17, 2006, our team released 123Livehelp 2.1 !
More features:

a) A/V module is added. (Optional)
With av module enabled, and Macromedia flash media server installed,
You can add webcam and voice chat features.

Therefore your potential customers can not only READ your sales representatives but also SEE them vividly! It means you will have a helpdesk with warm smile and a call center with sweet voice, intead of some plain text communication.

(Note: Unlike the basic text chat, this module needs support of flash media server or Red5.)

b) The server performance is improved.

c) Some client and server bugs are fixed.

123 Flash Chat Server V6.2 Released

The newly released version of 123 flash chat server intends to improve recreational performance in client. So we add some new beautiful backgrounds which make your chat room more colourful and some vivid flash emotions with which your chat becomes more romantic. Besides that, you can change message font size in a range of 10 to 22 pixels by yourself.

In server, API is added that is to say user profile can be attached to the result of auth-url, so the chat owner can assign specific profile for each user when using web URL to authorize the user’s login information.

Apart from all these features mentioned above, some bugs are fixed in new version:

1. The bug of invisible admin has to request permission to open video window with other users is now fixed.

2. The invalid shortcut of a smiley is now fixed.

So I believe that you will absolutely have amazing chat experience with your friends through our new version ^_^