Monthly Archives: August 2006

123 Flash Chat v6.1 beta preview!

TopCMM will release 123flashchat version 6.1 in August!

New features:

1 Smileys will be inserted into the same line with text, not in a new line any more.

2 A lite client will be available which is only about 20K in file size,
It has the basic chat functions of the standard client, while the decorative pictures are removed.

3 Chat transcripts will have two options: html and text formats. Continue reading

123 Web Messenger

123 Flash Chat had released 123 Web Messenger (site messenger) which only has Private Chat function, instead of chat lobby. 123 Web Messenger can fully integrate your existing web system seamlessly and bring your users in automatically without double register or double login! 123 Web Messenger is compiled with a flash chat cilent and a solid java server, which ensure the real-time communication. Continue reading

The monthly activity

On August 5th,Topcmm Software organized all the staff skating in Zhengda square as a monthly activity.

Though most of us didn’t know how to skate,and it was our first time playing on real ice , we all had a wonderful time. After skating,we had a dinner in the fifth floor of Zhengda , meals there were so delicious.

The activity enhanced the agglomeration between the staff as well as relaxing us, and showed the spirit of enterprise: Work hard when work and enjoy yourself when playing .

the photo taken that day