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Promotion date from Apr 1st, 2014

Top 5 Java chat Software

Nowdays, more and more chat software come into our sight. It’s really hard to figure out which software is really good and suitable for our website. Below are some brief introductions of the java chat software. You can take this into consideration when you need to choose a chat.

No 1. 123 Flash Chat
A leading chat software used by over 400,000 website. If you never heard this chat software before, you can know tus from our homepage: 123 Flash Chat have powerful java chat server, which can support high load of 5000 connections per server at the same time. Excellent support and service makes them keep the lead of this industry.

New version of Html5 chat has significantly improved the performance for 123 Flash Chat and works beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and PCs. Html5 chat demo:

Don’t need to worry if it’s true, just try to use our free trial version. Facts speak louder than words. 30 days is quite enough for you to verify.
123 flash chat java chat software

No 2. AddonChat
AddonChat is full featured, real-time Java Chat Software. You can sets your site chat room apart, giving visitors the opportunity to interact with you and each other — turning your site into a true online community. Because AddonChat is hosted by their own serve, you won’t pay extra bandwidth or hosting fees.

With addonChat, you decide exactly where on your web page you’d like your chat room to appear. With the addonChat web based control panel, you can control virtually all aspects of layout, features, size, color and functionality.
But addonChat does not provide free trial version.

No 3. BoldChat
If you need live chat specially, BoldChat is a good choice for your website. Whether you’re at the beginning of your search for a live chat software provider or if you’re already very knowledgeable about the options available, you can use it with the help of their good support.

With excellent java server is also one reason to make customer choose them.BoldChat have 10 days free trial.
But the BoldChat is focusing on live chat agent. And the price is higher than the other similar software.

No 4. Zopim
Once you search chat software, you will get Zopim first, not only because they run a lot of AD service on Google, but also they did a good job for their chat software.
The same as BoldChat, Zopim also focus on live chat support. Just like in a real shop, Zopim lets you have live conversations with visitors on your website. Impress and convert them into loyal customers before they move on to the next site.

Compared with other chat software, the features of Zopim are not good as others.
Zopim provides 14 days free trial.

No 5. Parachat
Personally speaking, I didn’t use parachat before, but some webmasters claimed it’s a good java software. With powerful client and web-based administration, Parachat is more focused on their chat features. They also support CMS integration and mobile chat app.
Know them on their website:

The price of Parachat is according to what kind of chat room you need. The free version is hardly useless. But they have standard, professional and enterprise version, the price is quite acceptable.
Parachat does not provide free trial version, but they have free chat.

In a word, to find the best java chat software, you need to compare with the java serve, the chat feature, the service and the chat price. What is suitable for your website is the best!

top 5 java chat software

Five Video Chat Software Solutions

Comprehensive Video Chat Software Solutions

You may overlook one mere feature or one competitive video chatting software on the market but you won’t miss this one; 123 Flash Chat specializes in variety and diversity. It has been called a perfect video chat script because it does something that contains everything that anyone else is doing. Video conferencing chat software, One on One video chat, facebook app video chat script, PPM/PPV video chat software and even a video chat on a live chat window, It is just comprehensive!

Video conferencing Chat Software

Video conferencing software is becoming more and more fashionable for online meeting, virtual conference, webinars and online group chat for fun. 123 Flash Chat boasts this great feature with its video conference mode module. It has elevated the product significantly by encouraging more people to join the video chat community

video conference chat

Read the full passage, please visit here for the other 4 video chat software solutions.

Perfect Video Chat Script

What kind of video chat script will be ideal for webmasters? You may come up with many ideas. Among them, video quality and stability, video layout and modes and if it is profitable may be the first choices.
And, it is what 123 Flash Chat has been pursuing for its video chat all the way.

HD Video Quality, Impressive Video Chat Script
123 Flash Chat’s video quality can be high definition, and it is very stable. The powerful java server and embedded red 5 video server make it destined to high performance.
chat script

Optional Video Chat Modes, Diversified Chat Program
This Script works fantastically because it is diversified. General mode, Video conference mode, Push to talk mode, PPM/PPV mode, Assignable mode and there are more coming up. You can set it up attuned to your website theme.
chat script

Profitable Video Chat Software, User-friendly Script
123 Flash Video Chat has enabled PPM/PPV service, with which a virtual currency platform is introduced into the chat system. What’s more, the newly developed hand-raising feature has elevated this to the next level since you can set the criteria for video publishing positions and thus arouse user’s motivation to consume within the chat.
chat script

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